TR2 Transponder Car/Bike "ohne Begrenzung" No subscription

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TR2 Transponder Car/Bike "ohne Begrenzung"

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The TR2 Go Transponder

The all-new TR2 Go transponder lets you offer your customers the flexibility of choice! The TR2 Go lets drivers race with a transponder that does not require a subscription.

✔ No subscription required to race
✔ Update new transponder firmware from your smartphone with the Speedhive App via Bluetooth
✔ Check the TR2 Go transponder battery level status in the Speedhive App
✔ The TR2 Go transponders work with all MYLAPS systems
✔ The TR2 Go transponders are supported at every circuit and track that has a MYLAPS system installed

The TR2 Transponder Car / Bike is the newest and most innovative transponder for motorsports. As an addition to the X2 Timing System it's developed on reliable hardware.

The TR2 Transponder Car / Bike is the world-leading standard, specialized in circuit racing with an accuracy up to 260 kilometers per hour.

With the new Bluetooth connection it's made easy to manage subscriptions in the Speedhive App. Subscriptions are available for 1, 2, 5 years or or Go (no subscription). If you are looking for a transponder without subscription, check out the TR2 Timer Transponders.


Charging Time5 hours for full charge (in cradle), 16 hours for full charge (in chargercase)Detection height60 cm (cars) / 120 cm (bikes)Dimensions5 x 2.2 x 7.3 CMHousing / materialWaterproof conform IP67Max. speed260 km/hOperating frequency2.4 GHzSportCar/BikeTemperature range0 to +40 °C /+32 to +104 °F (charging), -20 to +50 °C /-4 to +122 °F (not charging)Timing resolution2 msWeight.0,25KG