Transition cable (from EV MK2 tot EV MK1 connection)

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Transition cable (from EV MK2 tot EV MK1 connection)

Xtra.EV Shutdown Transponder MK2 Modell 2023

The Xtra.EV shutdown transponder is replaced by a fully new designed upgrade. Everything we learned over the last 10 years from the ‘old’ Xtra.EV transponder was used to create this new product. It is backwards compatible with the MK1 type. You can use both types simultaneously on one track.

The De Haardt network connector can be used to add De Haardt hardware, like e.g. the Xtra.Sensor, for sector speed settings or lap timing, or the Xtra.RFID Reader for the use of RFID tags or cards.

The firmware of the transponder is upgradable.