Orbits5 Standard 5-timeline

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  • The Standard version: supports 5 timelines, is based on the current version of Orbits 4 and is designed to serve the majority of the timekeepers, clubs and race tracks. One of the features of the standard version is the Announcer Page.

Orbits 5 is a complete and user-friendly software package, exclusively for the new X2 System. It covers all aspects of timing, from setting up the event and import registrations to online results publishing and handling championship standings. Orbits 5 includes easy to use wizards which will assist you with quicker start up and customizing details to fit your preferences. One of the great benefits is the software’s versatility: it is used for car and motorbike racing, kart races, MX and more. Built for the future Orbits 5 helps you make full use of the possibilities of the new X2 System. The X2 System gives a whole new perspective to racing, as it is capable of more than timekeeping alone.